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For over 16 years, Show Gardens & Pools, the experts in swimming pool repair, have been dedicated to professionally restoring and renovating fibreglass and marbelite lined swimming pools in the Johannesburg North and Midrand areas.

Our unparalleled swimming pool repair service is the optimal solution for addressing a range of issues, including excessively rough surfaces, structural cracks, surface crazing, discoloration, flaking/peeling, spider cracks, and bulging pool walls and floors in fibreglass and marbelite pools.

Beyond surface concerns, we also offer comprehensive repair services for pools experiencing plumbing or system issues. This includes addressing faulty or leaking pool piping, handling pool lighting concerns (both LED and standard), managing pool heating systems (solar paneling and heat pumps), overseeing pool maintenance (water pumps, sand filters, standard/robotic cleaners), as well as dealing with pool automation (timers and remote sensors) and control systems (DB boxes).

Show Gardens & Pools excels in leak detection, utilizing state-of-the-art pressure testing and gas particle detection equipment. This advanced technology enables us to swiftly and accurately locate sub-surface water leaks in the structure and plumbing system of swimming pools, all while minimizing disturbance to your property.

What sets our swimming pool repair service apart? It’s a combination of reliable experienced technicians, top-quality workmanship, enduring pool repairs, and exceptional customer service. Choose us for a trusted and lasting solution to all your swimming pool repair needs.

Swimming Pool Repair
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