Pool Repair

Pool Repair

We specialize in marbelite and fibreglass pool repair. After 16 years in the industry repairing damaged marbelite & fibreglass pool linings, we are pool repair experts. Our swimming pool repair services are available in the Johannesburg North, Midrand and surrounding areas to pool owners both residential & commercial.

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Marbelite Pool Repair

Marbelite pool linings are beautiful when maintained properly and a popular choice for first time swimming pool owners.

Some of the problems you may experience with your marbelite pool lining include:

  • Craze cracks (clusters of small cracks)
  • Foundation cracks (see photo on the right)
  • Etching and Scaling
  • Spalling (plaster flaking & peeling off)
  • Delamination (plaster separates from concrete)
  • Fading (exposure to sunlight/chlorine over time)
  • Stains (from organic material/metals in the water)

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Fibreglass Pool Repair

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We offer fibreglass pool repair services for both fibreglass linings and fibreglass shells.

Does your fibreglass pool have structural damage or surface cracks that need repair, need resurfacing or require painting?

We can breathe new life back into old fibreglass swimming pools.

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